Vision and Values

Our Vision

As a gospel-centered church, The Bridge responds to the grace of God through passionate worship, pursuing spiritual growth, and loving our community and world.

Our Mission

We want God’s grace to transform our:
Worship: so that we worship Him passionately and truthfully because of what He’s done for us
Community: so that we truly love, encourage, and forgive each other because are loved, cared for, and forgiven by God.
Discipleship: so that we follow Jesus because of His grace to us
Outreach: we love and serve others because God loved and served us first
Jesus calls us to live as a response to His grace offered in the gospel. The deeper we go into the gospel, the more we will look like Jesus.

 Our Values

  • The Gospel: We want this to be the primary core value that shapes everything we do.  God’s grace should shape the environment and every ministry and activity of our church.
  • Prayerful Dependence: We recognize that no program, vision, ministry style, etc is a substitute for dependence upon God expressed in prayer. Prayer should be the mark and context of all our ministries.
  • Celebration: We want to recognize and celebrate what God is doing in us, around us, and through us. We need to praise God for the ways that He is at work in our midst.  
  • Soul Care: We believe that the church should equip people to care for their souls by abiding in Christ. We want to be deep people ministering out of our union with Christ. 
  • Missionally-Oriented: Always focused on God’s mission to redeem all things, meaning we have to reach out to our community, culture, and world. 
  • Community-Focused: we want to minister well where we are; tailoring all that we do to reach the community that we are a part of.
  • Creative and Innovative: We are willing to try new and different ideas in ministry, free to fail because we have the love of God for us in Christ.
  • Less is More: In our worship, discipleship, and outreach programs, we believe that less is more. We will opt to de-program and do “less” ministry more deeply and better. 
  • Organic, Intentional Discipleship: We see discipleship as primarily happening through intentional and natural relationships where people delve deeply into each other’s lives.